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    With nothing else to do but read, he soon found himself enthralled in the worlds and lands the writers had created and spent as much time as possible diving from one fantastic land to the next.


    After several wrong turns and a mishaps he sat down and began to pour out all he had held locked away, writing and spinning yarns so long and twisted that he couldn't see an end in sight until he reached the point he is at now.


    Aside from writing, Ricky enjoys Shooting and Hunting aswell as Carpentry and Art, designing a lot of the characters from his own works of fiction and the equipment they use, be it a sword or a set of mechanical wings it can all be found scattered amongst the empty pens and pots of paint that clutter his desk.


He currently lives in West Wales in the UK with his family.

    Ricky Cooper is an author with an imagination as wild as the worlds he inhabits, he started life as a young lad with to much energy and no where to direct it, his misadventures leading to an inevitable conclusion when he found him self afoul of that one person all young boys cannot outwit, their mother.